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Spyware Removers Reviews


Today's computers are more vulnerable than ever to AdWare and SpyWare. Viruses spread through these malicious programs are claimed by experts to be the leading cause of computer problems for most systems. Almost every computer will experience a virus related problem as a result of pop-up ads and Trojans that can go undetected by the average user for quite some time before becoming a serious problem. Lucky for us, there are now several virus removal programs designed to improve the performance of your system. We have reviewed several of the available programs in order to help you find the best possible solution for you.

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Introduction to Malware, AdWare and SpyWare

Malware is software that is used to monitor your web browsing activity. When it is present on your system, the malware publisher's AdWare or SpyWare will send them information about you that enables them to target you for specific advertising in the form of pop-up advertisements. These programs will definitely cause long term problems on your computer, and over time they will cause your machine to crash and your internet connection to grind to a halt. Worse than that is the possibility of identity theft. Your credit card number and passwords can very easily be stolen by the publisher. If you have ever downloaded anything, or opened an image from an email message, you too could have malware on your computer. It can happen in an instant, and you will never even know that the program is there.

Our Research and Results

In order to determine what percentage of computers are infected with malware, we tested a group of random PCs and believe it or not every single machine that we tested had some type of malware installed without the user's knowledge. We found that most computers had more than one malware program running, and that most of the computers did have a good quality anti-virus protection program installed as well. Thanks to the help of the programs listed below, those machines are all now completely free of malware.

Effective Removal of SpyWare, AdWare and Malware

Using any of the Malware/AdWare/SpyWare programs included in the information below is a great way to completely remove the rogue programs from your PC. We recommend using one of the top-rated programs, particularly if you are new to malware removal tools. You would be safe to use any of these programs; however XoftSpy and NoAdware are by far the most popular among other computer owners. XoftSpy is the most comprehensive tool available, however NoAdware is definitely much more user friendly. We give XoftSpy the top rating due to its ability to get and keep computers free from harm.

Editors Choice: Top 4 Spyware/Adware Remover - Best Spyware Remover Reviews
Based on reviews and customer feedback as of August 10, 2010
Spyware Removers Popularity/Customer Satisfaction
Xoftspy Excellent / Excellent
Noadware Very Good to Excellent /
AdwareAlert Ok to Good /
SpywareNuker Good / Good to
Very Good



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Top Spyware Removers

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Xoftspy reviews

The latest release of this program has the most comprehensive free SpyWare and AdWare scanner that we have found. Excellent / Excellent Perfect for the Beginner

Not only does XoftSpy offer free updates, but many people are now using the comprehensive scanner because it is so easy to use and because it is FREE

9.9 / 10
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Full Review

Noadware reviews

Information is well-organized and extensive. Users have the option to do a free one-click scan that will detect any SpyWare or AdWare. Very Good to Excellent /
Perfect for the Beginener Simple Interface
NoAdWare is an excellent way to remove SpyWare and AdWare quickly and completely..
9.5 / 10
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adware alert Flash plug-in is required for users to view the complete site. Ok to Good /
Beginner to Advanced This malware removal tool is definitely functional, although it is new on the scene and needs time for improvement. 8.9 / 10

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spyware nuker

Spyware Nuker Reviews

The site contains background SpyWare information for users and also provides detailed testimonials Good / Good to
Very Good
Beginner to Advanced The user interface is perfect for the beginner, and the new release is much improved from those in the past. 8.5 / 10
Not Bad
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registry fix Computer running slow? The problem may be a result of downloaded software. If your problem is a result of registry issues, there is no better solution than a FREE copy of Registry Fix Very Good /
Very Good
Beginner There is simply no better performing registry scanner and repair product available 10/10 Visit Now